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Michelangelo's Forbidden Messages in the Heart of the Vatican


Lightcatcher Films, in association with DX Studios, is developing a mini-series based on the New York Times bestseller by Benjamin Blech and Roy Doliner, that has been published in 25 countries and translated into 16 languages. According to the authors, Michelangelo’s knowledge of the ancient, sacred teachings from the Torah, as well as Kabbalah, compelled him to embed profound messages into his magnificent fresco in the Sistine Chapel. Our series will probe this monumental work to reveal Michelangelo as both a master artist as well as a secret spokesman for religious truths which have special relevance for our times.


                                             Raves for the book

Just as the work of Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel changed forever the world of art, so will this book change forever the way to view and, above all, to understand the work Michelangelo!”

    - Enrico Bruschini, Officicial Art Historian for the U.S. Embassy in Rome


This book of astounding revelations is built on careful scholarship, lucid exposition, and is, above all, compelling reading.”

           - Jonathan Harr, author of The Lost Painting and A Civil Action


“Like the best art historians, the authors give us a fresh context for the times, never hesitating to make contemporary parallels…This is a stimulating exploration that makes familiar masterpieces seem strange and new.”   – LA Times


Fascinating.... Benjamin Blech and Roy Doliner appear to have few equals when it comes to the history and detail of the fresco.

A readable and informative piece of work.”    - Manchester Evening News




It is the 1970s and Jeff Dowling, like many of his generation, yearns for a life of meaning. He returns to his hometown of Aransas, on the Gulf Coast of Texas to help an old family friend open a marine mammal park featuring two recently captured porpoises. Jeff’s affection for the mysterious creatures and his love for an idealistic marine biologist become the catalyst for a life-changing decision.


The screenplay for ARANSAS was written by Stephen Harrigan, based on his popular novel. Mr. Harrigan is known for an impressive list of best-sellers including Gates of the Alamo, Remember Ben Clayton and A Friend of Mr. Lincoln. He's also penned several tv-movies such as Hallmark Television's CLEOPATRA, as well as KING OF TEXAS and an adaptation of MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS.


ARANSAS is being developed with Austin-based Stone Ax Pictures and will be directed by Eric A. Williams.


                                   Praise for the Novel

ARANSAS  has several surprises, including dramatic suspense, counterculture revisionism, and what must be considered dolphin revisionism.” - The Village Voice


“Harrigan has a sharp eye for observing man, beast, seashore, and Town in a vividly drawn setting.” - Publishers' Weekly


" Harrigan. . . has a sharp eye for observing man, beast, seashore, and town in a vividly drawn setting."—Publishers' Weekly


 "......subtly told and deeply felt story about our attempts to capture those things we hope can make life meaningful--even while fate waits to flip-flop our plans, baiting and pushing us forward..."

                                        —Ann Beattie



Screenplay By Stephen Harrigan, based on his novel





The Biblical account of Esther has been portrayed on the big screen and television countless times but never with the visual splendor or the faithfulness this sweeping epic drama deserves.


THE ORPHAN QUEEN is the story of Hadassah, an intelligent and strikingly beautiful Jewish girl raised in the household of the beloved teacher Mordechai. When Persia's Queen Vashti is dethroned, Hadassah is plucked from obscurity to take Vashti's place on the throne where she is thrust into a world of palace intrigue, shifting loyalties and dangerous power struggles.


The screenplay by Jim Long, based on the Biblical book of Esther is a vivid melding of Persian historical sources, the Megillah of Esther and little-known Rabbinic commentaries that expand our understanding of the cultural and political realities women faced in that ancient era. It is also the story of a brave young Jewish girl who challenged an empire to save her people from annihilation.


Screenplay by Jim Long, adapted from The Book of Esther




Rancher Carl Truitt discovers a dangerous cartel is using his land to smuggle drugs across the Texas border and when the local authorities prove ineffective, Carl takes matters into his own hands.


Screenplay by Steve Seale












An ancient artifact is looted from a hidden tomb and used by an unscrupulous family to gain wealth and unimaginable power.


Screenplay By Steve Seale and Jordan Bolinger












Inspired by the true-life story of Texan Nick Lundy whose childhood dreams were fueled by stirring tales of bravery and valor under fire, of those who fought for what was right and protected the innocent. During the Viet Nam conflict, he was a tough but beloved leader and often worked under cover. After the war, Nick he returned to Texas and pursued a career as a juvenile court judge in Dallas. Though the war was behind him, its effects were not. While building a new life he still fought his biggest battle of all--against the painful ravages of Agent Orange.


Based on a true story.

Screenplay by Peggy Lundy and Jim Long