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Treasures of the Copper Scroll

The remarkable account of an ancient scroll uncovered in the caves along the shores of the Dead Sea in 1952. Some scholars considered the scroll's Hebrew text to be a legend while others believed that the inscription led to untold riches hidden away 2,500 yyears ago, including the Breastplate of the High Priest, the Ashes of the Red Heifer and the fabled Ark of the Covenant.

Written and directed by Jim Long /Produced by Carol Long and Dan Davies / Executive Produced by Don Hutchison and Narrated by Alan Farmer / Music Composed by Chris Meeks / Additional Music by Paul Bolinger (53 min / 2008)

An official entry at the 2007 Monaco Charity Film Festival and the 2008 Beverly Hills Hi Def Film Festival.


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Riddle of the Exodus

"...Contemporary scholars and theologians can ill afford to overlook this groundbreaking work..." -- Rabbi Benjamin Blech, Professor of Talmud at Yeshiva University,NY

"It belongs in all serious history courses that purport to teach western civilization...." -- Dr. Eugene E. Narrett, Cambridge College, Cambridge, MA

Riddle of the Exodus is a companion to the book of the same name, the result of a five years of research and numerous trips to Egypt. This unique exploration of the Biblical Exodus offers the viewer startling parallels between the archaeological record of Egypt and the ancient Jewish accounts of this dramatic event.

Written and Directed by Jim Long / Produced by Carol Long and Dan Davies / Special Props by Jordan Bolinger(50 min 2004)

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Before He Was King (In Production)

Overlooking the Elah Valley, where young David faced a giant named Goliath, is a site known as Khirbet Qeiyafa("Beautiful Ruin"). It was here that an ostracon was unconvered, bearing the oldest Hebrew inscription found to date in Israel. The find could be the key to providing solid evidence of the very beginings of Biblical Israel and its hero-king called David. According to scholars, this site represent a well-organized strong hold in Judah as early as the late 11th-early 10th centuries BC. The impact of the site may challenge everything we think we know about the origins of Israel.

Before He Was King is a Co-Production with Foundation Stone an innovative organization founded to make the Land of Israel the prime resource for Jewish education,continuity and identity.

Written and Produced David Willner / Directed by Jim Long

On the Wings of Ezekiel

In 1902, Reverend Burrell Cannon convinced the townsfolk of Pittsburg, Texas, that man was meant to fly in powered machines.The design of his craft came from the Biblical book of Ezekiel. Fashioned in wood and fabric, the airship eventually took shape in the town's foundry over a two year period. This is the story of the man,the machine and the often-asked question, "Did the Ezekiel Airship really fly?

On the Wings of Ezekiel is a revised version of our first Lightcatcher documentary. Written and Directed by Jim Long Produced by Carol Long / The Voice of Burrell Canon - Jim Grant / Narration by Alan Farmer (30 min / 1998)

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