Lightcatcher produces Video, Film and Digital Content. We grow a project from that first spark of inspiration to script, principal photography and post-production. We handle DVD authoring and can deliver a project for presentation in 35mm, 4K, 2K,HD, SD, Broadcast, Pod Casts, Smartphones and other emerging media.


SONS OF WAR - A Documentary / Kudu Productions (On-Line Editor and Post Services) MARCO POLO - A Hallmark Channel Movie (provided Stock Footage) SCIENCE OF THE BIBLE: The Hunt for the Lost Ark / National Geographic Channel (HD Location Footage) “MOUNTAIN DEW FREE FLOW” Skateboard Tour/FoxSports Network(B-Roll for action sequences)/ FUZE Beverages(Industrial)/ SECRETS OF THE HOLY LAND / Atlantic Productions / Discovery Channel Int’l (provided HD Location Footage) ENCOUNTERS WITH THE UNEXPLAINED /PAX Television/Shadow Play Films,Inc - Grizzly Adams Prod (Stock Footage) GOLD! / Henninger Productions/ History Channel(HD Location Footage) QUEST: SEARCH FOR THE ARK OF THE COVENANT / Quest Productions - Fox-Lorber(Producer) TREASURE: JEWELS, GOLD and GREED / JWM Productions/ The Learning Channel (HD Location Footage) GIANTS - THE MYTH and THE MYSTERY / Hamilton Brown Productions/ TLC (Location Footage) MYSTERIES OF THE BIBLE / FilmRoos Prod(Stock Footage) CHANNEL ONE ISRAEL / Jerusalem (Stock Footage) RADIO GETS RESULTS / Radio Advertising Bureau / (Wrote and Produced Industrial Promo) SPAETH COMMUNICATIONS - Dallas (Video Promo) Shirley Abrams Casting (Casting sessions) CAPELLO FOR MAYOR - Dallas(60 sec TV Spot) Dickson Street Theater / THE COMEDY ZONE 30 sec TV Spot) CELESTIAL SPRINGWATER (30 sec TV Spot) AERUS ELECTROLUX STORE (30 sec TV Spot)Local Fox Affiliate / American Idol (30 sec Promo)ARKANSAS PHYSICAL HEALTH and REHAB (15 min infommercial)

We have an impressive library of clips and stock footage from Israel, Jordan and Egypt. For more information about licensing our footage, contact us directly or check out our collections available from FootageBank or Mammoth HD


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